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    At AMCO Proteins, our goal is simple — Provide solutions for our customers. Whether you’re looking to fortify your product with protein, enhance the functionality, create a smoother texture, or enrich with vitamins, our technical experts will work with you every step of the way in developing an ingredient that achieves your desired results.



    AMCO Proteins offers a variety of Specialty Proteins & Protein blends that offer a variety of specific functional and nutritional attributes to your product.


    Product Sample
    BarPLUS C90 Request Sample
    BarPlus T90 Request Sample
    BevPLUS 8020 Request Sample
    BevPLUS B90 Request Sample
    BevPLUS H80 Request Sample
    CookiePlus Request Sample
    EggOut Request Sample
    HydroGlutamine 80 Request Sample
    Pro+ Request Sample
    TemPro 80 Request Sample
    TemPro 90 Request Sample
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