AMCO Proteins at Supply Side West 2018

September 19, 2018 (Wed)

AMCO Proteins will showcase two specialized protein ingredients at Supply Side West.


AMCO Proteins is proud to be able to share novel products at this year’s Supply Side West in Las Vegas, NV (Nov. 8 – 9). Being featured at this year’s show will be two specialized protein ingredients: a Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Tempro 80) and a proprietary Milk Protein Isolate blend.  

The first product being sampled is a high protein peanut butter bar prepared with the Milk Protein Isolate Blend. Providing 19 grams of protein per serving size, this blend has been specifically designed to enhance the functionality of nutrition bars by offering exceptional mouth clearance and softness. Gail Sabatura, Head of R&D with AMCO Proteins says that, “Typically high protein bars are very dense and difficult to chew. Also, most dairy-based bars carry a short shelf-life that ends with a rock-hard bar. Our goal was to develop a blend that helps to extend the natural shelf life of the bar without sacrificing its texture over time.”


The second item is a chocolate covered pretzel where Tempro80, a specialized whey protein hydrolysate, is used to fortify the chocolate coating with protein in snack applications. Upon conducting several trials, our R&D team discovered that this ingredient was able to solve both functional and sensorial issues that are common when fortifying compound coatings with protein. “First and foremost, it’s the particulate size that matters: the smaller the protein fraction the more smooth it will feel when eating. Secondly, hydrolyzed proteins tend to be less viscous and more pourable when mixed into higher fat bases, whereas whole intact proteins tend to seize up and solidify,” says Sabatura.


When asked “why choose a protein hydrolysate to showcase this year?” Sabatura shares that, “We specialize in hydrolysates, and while many nutrition professionals recognize the health benefit of hydrolyzed proteins, many do not realize the functional benefit. This is a great, simple and accessible way for us to demonstrate how the functions of a hydrolyzed protein can also yield a tasty, nutritious treat.”


Visit us at Booth #2474 at Supply Side West, Las Vegas on November 8-9, 2018.