Showcasing MPI Blend and Whey Protein Hydrolysate in applications at IFT

July 11, 2018 (Wed)

The Protein Professors have been excited to showcase AMCO Proteins' capabilities at this year’s annual 2018 IFT Expo (stop by booth #S0302). After many hours in the recently constructed Research & Development lab, we’ve finally narrowed it down:

Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) Blend - a high protein dairy blend that has been specifically designed to enhanced the functionality of a nutrition bar by offering exceptional mouth clearance and softness.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Tempro 80) - a specially designed hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate exhibiting strong high heat stability and resistance to gelling.


To highlight our efforts let’s take a closer look at the food product that will be featured in the form of a question & answer with the head of R&D, Gail Sabatura.  Be sure to stop by booth #S0302, meet the team and sample our products!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars prepared with a Milk Protein Isolate Blend (MPI Blend)

Why did you select an MPI Blend for this product?

Gail:  We chose this blend for a few unique functions. The main driver is that this blend utilizes milk protein isolate (MPI), whey protein isolate (WPI) and ground acid casein where each protein serves a unique functions. MPI allows for a soft texture with great fat absorption, WPI allows for a good chew that provides a clean flavor and the ground casein helps with mouth clearance. Together this combination allows for a high protein, pleasurable eating experience that won’t get rock-hard over time.

Does this MPI Blend solve any unique problems?

Gail:  Yes. Typically high protein bars are very dense and difficult to chew. Also, most dairy-based bars carry a short shelf-life that ends with a rock-hard bar. Our goal was to develop a blend that helped to extend the natural shelf life of the bar without sacrificing its texture over time.

Why did you choose this product to showcase?

Gail:  Protein bars are still a hot ticket item in the marketplace and many are still based on dairy proteins. However, in discussions with some of our customers they at times don’t know where to start. They know that they want something, “high protein,” “clean label,” and “easy to work with.” So we set out on a mission to create a blend that did just that: make bench-top development with an easy 4 steps:

1) select the protein blend,

2) select a functional binding syrup,

3) select a flavor system and

4) select any desired inclusions

What nutritional benefits, if any, does this MPI Blend offer to the end user?

Gail:  The top five nutritional benefits are:                 

1)      This blend is nutritionally complete blend, which means all essential amino acids are naturally present

2)      Using this blend ensures a high quantity of branched-chain amino acids, a particular type of amino acid that is pivotal in muscle synthesis and repair

3)      Using this blend provides protein at greater than 85% as-is basis

4)      This MPI Blend offers a great dose of quick-digesting proteins from both the WPI and MPI, allowing for an immediate release of circulating free amino acids

5)      Milk Protein Isolate provides slow-digesting protein in the form of casein, offering a satiety enhancement


Chocolate Covered Pretzels prepared with Whey Protein Hydrolysate (Tempro80)

Why did you select this Whey Protein Hydrolysate for this product?

Gail: When looking to fortify chocolate with a protein many attributes need to be satisfied since any additional solids will be disrupting existing product homeostasis. The top three reasons we chose this Whey Protein Hydrolysate are that:

1)      We can add extra protein in the form of hydrolyzed protein, or small peptide chains that keep mouthfeel smooth and creamy

2)      The nutritional benefit of hydrolyzed proteins

3)      Tempro80 assists with the ability for the chocolate to flow while enrobing products.

Does Tempro80 solve any unique problems?

Gail: Yes – Tempro80 solves a few problems. First and foremost it’s the particulate size that matters: the smaller the protein fraction the more smooth it will feel when eating. Secondly hydrolyzed proteins tend to be less viscous and more pourable when mixed into higher fat bases, whereas whole intact proteins tend to seize up and solidify.    \

Why did you choose Tempro80 to showcase?

Gail: We specialize in hydrolysates, and while many nutrition professionals recognize the health benefit of hydrolyzed proteins, many do not realize the functional benefit. This is a great, simple and accessible way for us to demonstrate how the functions of a hydrolyzed protein can also yield a tasty, nutritious treat.

What nutritional benefits, if any, does Tempro80 offer to the end user?

Gail:  Tempro80 offers a minimum of 73% protein on a dry basis and is high in di- and tripeptides. These short-chained peptides allow for easy digestion and more rapid absorption of the amino acids as compared to whole, intact proteins.