Our Difference


All key aspects of our decision-making process reside under one roof allowing for decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. Our on-site R&D and analytical lab help streamline the development process and allows for real-time adjustments to formulations. This flexibility adds value because as your needs and business evolve, we can change with you. It results in quick turnaround time, shorter lead times, and the availability of low minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Product Customization / Specification

One of the most valuable aspects of our product development team is that they understand dairy proteins, how they interact and react in certain food, beverage and nutrition applications. This adds significant value when developing a customized ingredient for your application needs. Customization can include:

  • Meeting a Specification
    • Minimum Protein Requirement
    • Maximum Fat Level
    • Hydrolysis Range
    • Lactose/Carbohydrate Level
  • Improving the texture
  • Enhancing dispersibility
  • Improving shelf life
  • Reducing gelation
  • Nutritional panel targets
  • Bulk private label packaging

Finished Product Formulation & Prototype Development

Our Product Development team has over 60 years of combined experience developing products from concept to commercialization. This knowledge, coupled with our state of the art R&D lab gives our team the ability to not only develop a concept and formulation, but to showcase your ingredient in a finished product prototype.

Our People

Our people are everything. They share a passion for protein, innovation and a work ethic that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. With over 20% of our workforce having a scientific background and equipment operators that have over 25 years of experience running our spray dryers and blenders, we have the knowledge and experience to help move your business forward.

Customer Service

We know how time sensitive your needs can be and how critical it is to be a responsive partner, so our team prides itself on consistent communication and responding to inquiries within 24 hours. Our customer service team provides the highest quality of service and that starts with having your own dedicated Account Manager.