BakePLUS Solves Waffle Cracking Issues and More

July 12, 2019 (Fri)


A customer approached our team after trying to fortify their thin waffle with a variety of commercially available proteins (Pea Protein, WPC 80 and WPI). They experienced disqualifying breaking and cracking that was not conducive to commercialization and did not successfully run on their existing manufacturing equipment.


  1. Be produced on the current manufacturing equipment,
  2. Alleviate any cracking in final waffle, and
  3. Achieve the desired nutrition parameters


The Solution

Our team evaluated the gold standard batter without protein to understand how it behaved while mixing and throughout cooking. The evaluations continued with several iterations involving a variety of proteins: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and pea protein. It was observed that using just whey protein concentrate made the batter too runny and produced waffles with cracks. Whey protein isolate produced a waffle whose structural integrity collapsed once baked. Pea protein caused too much grittiness and off flavors that were astringent. Ultimately, we proposed that AMCO Proteins’ BakePLUS protein blend would be an ideal solution to solve production, finished good and nutritional challenges.


The Results

By fortifying these waffles with BakePLUS, AMCO Proteins solved customer’s challenges:


  1. Cracking was eliminated. The blend of proteins in BakePLUS are designed to provide similar structural properties to those seen in flour. Since it leverages these properties, it can replace a portion of the flour.
  2. Batter consistency was identical to gold standard batter which eliminated the retooling and equipment adjustments.
  3. There was no need to slow down the manufacturing process, which allowed the customer to continue to leverage their co-manufacturer’s machinery and not source a new co-packer.